Obama: $1 billion for master teacher corps

President Obama wants to create a “master teacher corps,” starting with 50 math and science teachers who’d earn an additional $20,000 a year to act as mentors, plan curriculum and lead school turnarounds. The administration proposes spending $100 million this year and $1 billion next year to increase the corps to 10,000 teachers, reports National Journal.

The idea embodies some of the Obama administration’s most cherished concepts — pay for performance, competitions among local jurisdictions, and asking Congress for money.

And complaining when Congress says “no.”

.Republicans are more interested in creating flexible block grant programs that consolidate the current federal teacher programs and allow states and school districts to use the money for their own teacher improvement programs.

Checker Finn likes “paying excellent teachers more” and “distinguishing between those who are really good and those who are aren’t.” And he admires the politics.

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  1. Marshall says:

    50 teachers @ $20K –> $1M
    But the program will cost $100M?

    That’s a hefty overhead – 99% overhead, to be exact.

    In the future, the program overhead will diminish to only 80%
    10K teachers @ $20K –> $200M
    Program cost: $1B

  2. Both Democratic Party politicians and Republican Party politicians talk in terms of tweaks to the current structure. Tweaks to the current structure will not solve the problems of American K-12 education since the current structure is the problem. The US K-12 school system is an employment program for dues-paying members of the NEA/AFT/AFSCME cartel. The clearest evidence of this is the measurement of education in units of time. “A year of Algebra” or “three credit-hours of US Diplomatic History” make as much sense as “a pound of friendship” or “a square meter of curiosity”.
    We have already seen the sabotage of the DC voucher program and the withholdng of the adverse Head Start study. The design of K-12 reform proposals from the Obama administration leaves these proposals so open to internal sabotage and regulatory capture that only a fool or an accomplice (which are you, Checker Finn?) would credit the administration with benign intentions.

  3. Since most of us who serve as mentor or “cooperating” teachers for teachers-to-be don’t get paid anything extra, please sign me up for this extra 20K 🙂