Milk does a body (not enough) good?

 Milk should be removed from school lunches, a doctors group argues.

The promotion of milk to help build strong bones in kids is, “in effect, the promotion of an ineffective placebo,” writes the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in its petition. “Milk is high in sugar, high in fat and high in animal protein” — all of which counters its purported benefits to bone health, the committee argues.

Instead of requiring schools to serve milk, the USDA should promote sources of calciumwith “a more healthful, nutritional profile,” such as beans, tofu, broccoli, kale, collard greens, cereals and other calcium-fortified beverages like orange juice and soy milk, PCRM recommends.

Oh yeah, lose the dairy and pile on the kale! That’ll get kids all the calcium they need.

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  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    Heaven save us from these well credentialed idiots. This “doctors” group is funded by PETA. Enough said.

    By the way, the new science shows that saturated fats are good for you and prevent heart disease.

  2. Mitch in NJ says:

    They are right. Kale might not be the best answer, but milk should not be given to children as part of a healthy meal, or anyone for that matter. If you want to make sure they’re getting calcium, give them orange juice instead. I’m sure that’ll go over better than kale.

    Years from now we will look back and wonder how we ever thought milk from another species was good for us.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      Humans ate a diet of mostly animal protein and fat for millions of years. Only with the introduction of processed grains and sugars have we exprience the illnesses of civilization – diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. The more grains and sugars the more diet related diseases.

      “If the members of the American medical establishment were to have a collective find-yourself-standing-naked-in-Times-Square-type nightmare, this might be it. They spend 30 years ridiculing Robert Atkins, author of the phenomenally-best-selling ”Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution” and ”Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution,” accusing the Manhattan doctor of quackery and fraud, only to discover that the unrepentant Atkins was right all along. Or maybe it’s this: they find that their very own dietary recommendations — eat less fat and more carbohydrates — are the cause of the rampaging epidemic of obesity in America. Or, just possibly this: they find out both of the above are true.”

    • “If you want to make sure they’re getting calcium, give them orange juice instead.”

      Only if it’s fortified with calcium and you don’t care about the calories.

  3. I don’t really get the point of saying milk is high in ‘sugar, protein, and fat’. There are 4 main kinds of biological macromolecules – carbs, protein, lipids (fat) and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). If you consume something organic, it’s made of those 4 kinds of molecules, in some combination. The carbs can be insoluble (celery), but if there are calories then its got sugar, protein, or fat. Some kids may eat too many calories of simple sugar, but if kids eat a diet devoid of calories, fat, sugar, and protein or they will quit growing (and eventually quit living). Ugh.

  4. Deirdre Mundy says:

    Milk is also high in protein— and filling. And because it has a good mix of fat and protein (get the whole stuff, not the nasty skim!) it fills you up and keeps you from crashing.

    Also, many athletes are finding that milk is superior to gatorade for recovering after an event.

    As a busy mom, I love dairy! It’s an easy-to-transport, healthy snack.

    If you cut the dairy, the kids will be hungrier and fill up on junk. They only have 15 minutes to eat–milk is an efficient calorie delivery system!

  5. If only the cows were treated right, I’d be OK with it…

    Until governments start mandating and enforcing laws which force companies to tell us whether meat and milk comes from free range animals vs. factory farms, I just can’t buy milk with a good conscience. 🙁 (Which sucks, because I love milk…)

    Almond vanilla milk is awesome too, though.

    • Who cares about the cows? Let them all die in tortured pain for all I care. I’d let 1000 cows get tortured to death for a poor little kid to get a single glass of milk!

      • Mark Roulo says:

        ” I’d let 1000 cows get tortured to death for a poor little kid to get a single glass of milk!”

        I don’t think this is how you get milk out of a cow … 🙂

    • Seriously, though, does no one care… at all? 🙁

      • Sure I care a little bit. Cows should be allowed to exist in as natural a state and as pleasant an environment as possible.

        But until you can convince a wolf to be at least as compassonate as most humans are, I won’t let it bother me too much.

  6. Pfft, if the docs have a problem with milk, the schools can serve 1% milkfat (which is what I normally drink anyways), and I only use whole milk if I’m preparing food or baking (or buttermilk).

    If I wanna go nutso, I just add hershey’s or nestle’s quik to my milk.

    I’d rather have a kid drinking a cup or pint of milk at lunch than a 32oz
    soft drink (non-diet).


    Proud member of PETA (People for EATING tasty animals) 🙂

    • The way animals are treated on this planet makes me sad. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “I fear that God is just” when referring to what he thought of the world around him.

      I love eating tasty animals too – but we’ve got to take a stand and have our government enforce regulations about the way animals are supposed to be treated. If we’re going to eat them, or have them for pets, they deserve to live a normal life first. Factory farms where animals are treated horribly by people who hate their jobs is a tragedy. Free range food is a huge improvement over that – closer to the family farms of old – but those are still in need of some serious regulation these days.

      At least here in the West, we feign an attempt to be humane to animals, but usually fail. Then there’s the Third World, where the brutality is off the scale… (But what would you expect from a part of the world where even the people are treated so horribly?) Anyway, watch that documentary above (free on Google Video), and then tell me what you think… But at least watch it first.

  7. Good luck with getting kids to eat broccoli or collard greens. I would have gone hungry rather than consume those as a child.

  8. You know, before I even clicked through to the article I said ‘I bet it’s the PCRM.’

  9. “…beans, tofu, broccoli, kale, collard greens”

    Even prison food sounds better…

  10. Oh come on Joanne, what could possibly be wrong with feeding twelve year-old boys lots of “beans, broccoli, kale, collard greens” if you’re not trapped in a closed room with them for hours after lunch?

    • The idea that health fresh vegetables is going to negatively impact children’s behavior is small minded. Are we proud that french fries, Coke, and a snickers is considered lunch in this country?

  11. The likelihood of convincing kids to eat kale, collards, tofu, broccoli etc. is almost certainly reduced by the ability of school kitchens to prepare those items in ways that appeal to the palate. I remember seeing a photo of a Michelle Obama-approved lunch (black bean and brown rice patties with some kind of gray-ish “greens”, IIRC) and nasty didn’t half describe it. My kids ate almost everything (hadn’t seen collards but ate the rest), providing it was well-prepared. School food didn’t fall into that category; they brought lunch from home.

    Also, as mentioned above, the source of this proposal should be taken into account: PCRM is a left-wing political group – certainly not representative of most physicians.

    • Supersub says:

      Right, unless schools are prepared to compensate cafeteria staff for the cooking lessons and culinary degrees required to plan and prepare the food properly, this while idea is bunk.

      • And some, possibly most, kids won’t eat that stuff however it’s prepared. I read that LAUSD changed its offerings to the Michell Obama plan (probably where I saw the photo) and I understand that the trash cans got most of it and there was a thriving black market in junk food.