Harkin report hits for-profit colleges

For-profit colleges turn out students with “debt but no degree”, charges a report by Sen. Tom Harkin’s committee. Federal student aid and loans has fueled the rapid growth of the for-profit sector, which enrolls many low-income, minority and older students.

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  1. Roger Sweeny says:

    Why, yes they do. And so do not-for-profits.

    What should we conclude from those facts? Perhaps that fewer people should spend their youth in either. And that less money should be available to either.

  2. All it proves is that Obama’s Dept. of Ed. is trying really, really, hard to do all they can to put for-profit colleges out of business. (But then again, aren’t they trying to put for-profit ANYTHING out of business?)

  3. And why hasn’t it occured to the good Senator to blame, I don’t know, the students? It’s they who didn’t go to class, didn’t do their homeworks, etc. to end up flunking out. It’s like blaming your doctor for getting yourself sick…