Chicago: Free-lunch fraud includes principals

Twenty-six Chicago Public Schools employees — including 12 principals and assistant principals — stand accused of lying on federal school lunch forms, allowing their total of 45 children to receive free or reduced-price lunches at 40 schools across the district, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Federal lunch forms are used to measure school poverty rates. That creates a stronger incentive to lie than saving money on chicken nuggets and  jello.

. . . every year they trigger a windfall of “hundreds of millions of dollars” for CPS — from reimbursements for lunches, to federal poverty dollars for schools, to state funding,  (Schools Inspector General James) Sullivan noted.

Two suspects admitted “they falsified the forms so the schools their children attended would receive more funding,” Sullivan said. He plans to investigate whether school officials are encouraging the students’ parents to lie on school lunch forms.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    This happened in Chicago. Wotta shock.
    There should be a special major crimes unit dedicated to disassembling the Chicago Way.
    It was said, a couple of years ago, that the Detroit FBI was delayed moving to a new facility because they were so busy with the felons in the Detroit government. Didn’t have time to pack their files.

  2. I think this is going on all over. My 6 th grader came home to say his school explained to students how to fill out the free and reduced lunch form. Students were especially encouraged to tell parents they only had to put down one parent’s salary. Our son thought that would be a good idea. We didn’t anyone reason is my husband is a teacher .