Latinos do better in school, but still lag

Education Week’s Diplomas Count 2012 looks at Latinos’ School Success: A Work in Progress.

The public school graduation rate rose to 73.4 percent for the class of 2009, 1.7 percentage points higher than the previous year and a 7-point rise over the decade, the report finds. Latinos gained the most, rising 5.5 points to a 63 percent graduation rate. African-American graduates increased by 1.7 percentage points to 59 percent.

But Latinos’ 63 percent graduation rate is still far short of the national average — and farther still from non-Hispanic white students’ average graduation rate. And, despite some success in recent years at narrowing the gap separating them from white students on national tests of reading, mathematics, and science, Latino students’ performance on those tests also falls below the national average.

More than 90 percent of Latinos under 18 were born in the U.S., Ed Week reports.

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  1. Since school success directly correlates with income, parental education level and parents’ English-language abilities, it doesn’t seem that surprising that Latino students are more likely to struggle. Information about income, parents’ education and language spoken in the home would be much more valuable than the factoid that 90+% of Latinos under 18 were born in the U.S., which is essentially irrelevant information.

    • It’s relevant to one thing:  absent a re-interpretation or revocation of the 14th Amendment, it means we can’t fix the problem by deporting the failures.

      • Wow! Talk about high stakes testing. Jorge, if you don’t pass 5th grade, we’re deporting you.

        • Not quite.  If we didn’t allow “anchor baby” citizenship we could improve our stats a great deal by sending these American-born children back to their parents’ home countries.  We could probably get rid of a large fraction of our TANF, SNAP and Medicaid expenses too.

          • It would also remove an incentive for families to come here illegally, as would the requirement of free public schooling for illegals. In addition to jobs, education and health care that is unavailable in Mexico acts as a magnet.

          • Darn that 14th amendment… only if the right side won the Civil War, right E-P?

          • Darn that 14th amendment…

            Darn the courts which have ignored the part which says “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.  I’ve never heard of a country which disowns the children of its own citizens if they were born abroad, so we have no legal or humanitarian obligation to provide US citizenship to the children of people we didn’t already admit as residents.

  2. I have to say that just from the purely pragmatic viewpoint (never mind bleeding-heart humanitarian), there are entire communities that would collapse if all the undocumented workers were suddenly raptured. My mother-in-law’s ‘hood in West LA — OMG. They would quite literally collapse, given who’s doing all the home maintenance, new roofs etc. I always wonder if people are oblivious to that or if they truly believe that others would step in and fill those jobs.

    • I wouldn’t use the word “oblivious.” You know as well as I do what motivates them. But we aren’t allowed to say it ’round these parts.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      My extended familiy lives in Minnesota. The number of illegal immigrants who choose to settle in MN is minuscule. I think it’s the weather. Somehow Minnesotans still manage to get their yard work done, roofs shingled, and homes cleaned.

      Since we’re currently experiencing a net outflow – more leaving then coming – possibly we’ll soon find out who can and will do those jobs.

      • I’ve read that in all of the “jobs Americans won’t do”, there is no category in which a majority of the jobs are not in fact held by Americans.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    jab. Accusations of racism are a bogus, manipulative scam. Thing is, they don’t work any more. Nobody’s buying. Haven’t for quite some years.
    In the old days, you could get some cheap, easy wonderfulness points for allowing everybody to see you weren’t racist. But since hardly anybody is, the points aren’t worth much.
    The last-ditch tactic is to accuse as many others as possible of racism in order to maintain the fiction that the non-racist group is exceedingly small and thus correspondingly wonderful.
    That’s a FAIL, too.
    But, for practical issues surrounding the issue, see V.D. Hanson.

    • Now that’s amusing coming from you… as much as you think the “left” throws out what you think of as unsubstantiated charges of racism, I have noticed an even bigger push from those of the right such as yourself and Stacy in NJ to throw the label “race baiter” at anyone having the temerity to openly call you out on your racist BS. You want to be free to be racist without having the pesky label.

      • The left classes both individualism and future-time orientation as cultural racism.  The left also defines “racism” as power relationships, not personal actions or attitudes; one is racist if one is of the “privileged” group, even if one is personally discriminated against in education, employment, and in a host of other ways.  “Racist” is the new “class enemy”, white is the new kulak.

        After their pass through the crypto-Marxist deconstructionist nonsense, “racist” and “racism” no longer mean anything.  They are semantically dead.  They’ve passed on!  These terms are no more!  They have ceased to be!   They’ve expired and gone to meet their maker!  They’re stiffs!  Bereft of life, they rest in peace!  They’ve kicked the bucket, they’ve shuffled off their mortal coils, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!!  THESE ARE EX-CONCEPTS!