Impossible dreams: Squash or support?

What should professors do when students’ goals are unrealistic? Squash their dreams? Or support the pursuit of the impossible?

As colleges collapse for lack of paying students, more young people will pursue certificates in vocational fields rather than academic degrees, a dean predicts.

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  1. There is a balancing act that has to go on. The teacher or parent needs to make sure that the student/child is aware of how competitive certain fields are without telling the kid that he/she CAN’T do it. “Unlikely” isn’t the same thing as “impossible”.

    For a while, my oldest daughter dreamed of being a fashion designer and winning the Project Runway competition. I talked with her about how many aspiring designers apply to the show and how only a few even make it through the initial cut to have a shot. I also talked to her about other opportunities in fashion, including a relative who works at the Fashion Institute of Technology and a business school classmate of my DH’s who works at LVMH.