Fatherless boys, easy prey

Perhaps the saddest testimony in Jerry Sandusky’s trial came when Victim 6, a fatherless boy like all the other victims, said he’d sent a Father’s Day message to his molester three years ago.

The Penn State coach used his charity to find boys who craved a father figure. He showered them with attention and gifts. Then he showered with them.

Victim 3 explained why he didn’t complain about the sexual abuse.

“He made me feel like I was part of something, part of a family, giving me things that I didn’t have before.”

When he was placed in a foster home, he was enraged that Sandusky never tried to contact him.

Sandusky is utterly vile. But let’s not forget the men who abandoned these boys, making them easy prey for a pedophile.

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  1. Charles R. Williams says:

    While we are at it we can remember the women who conceive these children outside of marriage, with no real prospect of an actively engaged father, and the feminists who demean the essential role fathers play in their children’s lives. And then there are the family courts that will grant custody to a mother that initiates a divorce without justifiable cause and who then finds a way to exclude the children’s father from their lives.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    There are, as C.R. Williams points out, many reasons besides the “slack-jawed sperm donor baby daddy” that boys grow up without fathers.
    Some of these are inadvertent consequences, others seem quite advertent.
    However, looking at almost any possibility, the responsibility lies with the woman not to have sex without a man’s commitment….or not to unfairly shut the previously committed man out due to family court biases and other social mechanisms.

  3. It’s interesting that feminism had to promote itself at the expense of men. The message of female equality was somehow insufficient and it was necessary to add male irrelevancy to the argument. I’m not sure that Simone de Beauvoir or Betty Friedan had that in the plan from the beginning. It seems to be something that caught on along the way, perhaps with a little nudge from Lindsy Van Gelder…

  4. Thanks, everyone, for highlighting these considerations. The connections seem obvious in retrospect, but you had to point them out for me to see them. More broadly than the adandoned boy=>pedophile victim connection, is there perhaps a lonely child=>con artist victim connection? Does loneliness make people easy marks for con artists of all types?

    • Richard Aubrey says:

      Damn’ straight. Think of the elderly conned by phone. I once got a call, wrong number, from a woman who was widowed and alone and her son didn’t call her. So we talked for fifteen minutes. Felt I had to. Considering her vulnerability….