‘Dual’ students flood Florida colleges

Dual enrollment  — taking college classes in high school –is so popular in Florida that it’s breaking community college budgets.

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  1. Obviously, the high schools are not offering the right courses.  If that’s where the money is, that’s where to fix it.

  2. I wonder if the dual-enrollment kids are trying to get out of weak (or chaotic) classes at their high schools or taking classes not available there. Also, I think there’s some sort of agreement with the FL state colleges about accepting transfer credits from CCs – so, perhaps they are a surer way to get credit than APs, especially if colleges accept only 4s and 5s. As far as the cost issue, HS students apparently pay no tuition there, as opposed to MN’s excellent PSEO program, in which the student’s HS/district pays their tuition, fees and books. (unless that has changed since my son participated)

  3. Homeschoolers might be adding to those numbers, too. Some of the kids in our co-op choose to take some of their Jr/Sr classes at a local CC. I don’t know how it’s funded, but apparently the CC does a presentation on dual-enrollment for homeschoolers.

  4. Joe Granada says:

    At least half of the first two years of college consists of taking high school all over again, might as well get it over with.