Educating immigrants

In the U.S., immigrant students outperform natives of similar socioeconomic status, reports the Center on International Education Benchmarking. That’s true in Australia as well.

Canada’s immigrant students match native students’ performance after five years in school, according to Pathways to Success: How Knowledge and Skills at Age 15 Shape Future Lives in Canada.  Sixty-one percent of Canada’s immigrant students go on to university compared to 42 percent of native-born students. I wonder how that correlates to the percentage of immigrants from Asian countries.

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  1. Well, for one thing, immigrants (of many, but not all, cultures) and their 1st generation native children know how valuable freedom and opportunity are, and don’t take it for granted the way most lifelong Americans and Canadians do…

  2. Interesting. Perhaps times have not changed all that much. I was an immigrant back in the 1950’s–came to New Jersey in 4th grade.

    We knew to work hard to get ahead. There was no other way. Being an immigrant gave me an important push forward.

    Sounds like it’s still that way!