‘A’ students don’t belong in remedial ed

More ‘A’ students are being placed in remedial college classes. It’s not grade inflation, says a researcher.

Carnegie’s math pathways for remedial students are showing signs of success. Students learn statistics or “quantitative reasoning.”

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  1. Deirdre Mundy says:

    Her logic is that it’s not grade inflation because the percentage of kids graduating from HS with an A average has not increased.

    She doesn’t seem to consider the possibility that an A student today has mastered less material than an A student of 20 years ago….

  2. Deirdre Mundy says:

    Hmm.. looking at the chart, a student with a 3.5 GPA today is the equivelant of a mid-B student of yesteryear— so, inflation, but, in the old days B students didn’t get remediation either….

  3. Isn’t it worth knowing what course level the As were in?

  4. It’s not grade inflation, says a researcher.

    That’s actually true. It’s not really grade inflation so much as a school full of illiterates, so the least illiterate just have As.

  5. Well, if it isn’t grade inflation, then what could it be. A student who is actually earning A’s in all their core subjects and gets an ACT composite score of say 18-23 isn’t actually earning their grades. A student who actually knows the material should get an ACT of at least 28 or better in the subject matter in question.

    I’d look at the difference between GPA and ACT/SAT score, if the student is being placed in remediation, due to the fact that while a GPA can be inflated, the ACT/SAT score cannot be (unless the student has someone else take the test for them).