Things have changed

Median salaries have more than doubled in real dollars since 1940 and the percentage of college graduates has gone from 5 percent of adults to 28 percent.

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  1. But how can that be?? Bill Gates et. al. say our schools are no good.

    Careful Joanne, you keep posting good news and you’ll lose your membership to the right-wing talking points database.

  2. Raw data without analysis is not sunny news. For example, CPI index from 1940 to 2010, which would allow for the percentage of cost.

    How about combining HS grads + College Grads, that might determine # of educated adults – for their time.

    Masters (today) with College Grads then; might lead you to conclude that the Masters is the 1940’s college grad.

    It is, of course, interesting. And you can argue all about stats and causation correlation discussions, which in my opinion, are the most fun and important.