Obama, Romney won’t talk about education

Two-thirds of voters in swing states said education is an “extremely important” election issue, but Obama and Romney aren’t talking about education’s hard questions, writes Andrew Rotherham in Time.

They aren’t even talking up their own successes. Why? Because education reform doesn’t fit well with the overall argument either candidate is making about why he should get to sit in the Oval Office next January.

Obama’s education policy alienates teachers’ unions, while Romney’s conservative base wants education policy to be set locally. Of course, everybody’s now in favor of keeping student loan interest rates low.

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  1. (Joanne): Obama’s education policy alienates teachers’ unions…“.
    Does it really? A ton of “stimulus” money covered State budget deficits and saved public sector jobs. The Obama administration killed the DC voucher program. Seems to me, no real action matches the tough talk about “accountability”.

  2. Roger Sweeny says:

    Race to the Top grants have totaled less than $4 billion. Total education spending in the various stimulus programs was more than $100 billion.

    Obama has done what all politicians do: try to keep your base from getting unhappy enough to stay home on election day, but also try to reach beyond them with money and/or rhetoric.