Computer lab replaces math class

A giant math lab staffed by tutors has replaced entry-level math classes taught by professors at Virginia Tech. More students are passing math at a lower cost to the university.

The U.S. needs to invest more in higher education to increase the number of graduates, argues The Credential Differential.

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  1. Sure, let us know how that works out… If learning Math was that easy, we could forgo schools entirely and just let students surf all the various Math websites out there and learn it all…

  2. Actually it appears to be working out well… at major universities with sufficiently large, self-motivated populations. Quite a few institutions, including the University of Idaho, Louisiana State University, University of Alabama, West Virginia University, and others have made this switch for their classes below Calculus… I would know because I’m a math professor (albeit at a community college) who has been involved in the materials development of one of the curricula used.

    Now at my college this approach isn’t something we are looking at because many within our student population lacks the discipline and maturity to succeed without the stimulus of a classroom environment; with that said I do think we’ll head this way eventually. Because of my engagement with merging technology with pedagogy, I think my job is relatively safe… but eventually this trend might be cause for some culling in our faculty ranks as well.