California colleges will ask: Are you gay?

Are you gay? California state colleges and universities will ask students about their sexuality to decide on the need for services.

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  1. Carvalho says:

    They do so as well in the UK, where I study and it seems to work. It definitely fosters diversity. Go for it.

  2. Richard Nieporent says:

    We are going to go one better than the former South African apartheid regime. They only classified people by race.

  3. Is there a penalty for lying? How could they tell? After all, if they’re going to offer “special services” for some group, wouldn’t you just say you’re part of that group? Has everyone actually identified for life with a particular sexual orientation by the time they’re a high school senior? Will there be an “undecided” check box? Can you check more than one box? Can you change your pick later?

    Lame attempt to create yet another privileged group.

  4. Roger Sweeny says:

    There are some people in LGBT affairs who think the group (granfaloon?) should actually be LGBTQ: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning. The latter basically means, “I’m not sure.” Would it be unethical to put yourself down as “questioning” because, “I think I’m straight but in this changing world, how can I be sure?”

  5. Will they penalize people who respond with “none of your business”?