Union: Parents can’t fund non-union aides

Parent donations fund school aides in a Los Angeles area school district, but the classified employees union has threatened to sue unless the parent-funded aides join the union or are replaced by union members. Parents should send their donations to the district to fund the program, the union says.

That won’t work, responds a petition signed by Culver City parents.

 Since the same small pool of donations would have to pay for union dues, administrative overhead and higher union wages, our kids may only receive about half of the attention they get now. Parents will lose control of their programs and see their donations pay for very little. Many parents may stop donating altogether, effectively killing the programs.

My daughter’s elementary school PTA raised money to pay for aides, who were union members hired by the district. But there was no history of parent control over the program. And we had a lot of affluent parents who were happy not to be paying private school tuition.

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