Megan Landry, a 15-year-old Canadian, sings her bully-defying song, Stronger on YouTube. I’m impressed. Her motto is: Don’t let anyone make you a victim.

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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:

    My first reaction is “Eh.” My second reaction is, “Eh.”

    But by the time I had my second reaction, I realized that I was judging this song on “real” rather than “student project” standards. So that’s an accomplishment by itself.

    As a piece of music, this particular song really seems to lack both style and substance, and if she’s a very good singer — which she may be — this song doesn’t really show it.

    In fact, the song isn’t just a relentless blend of uninspired metaphors (though it is that); it also contradicts itself on a moral level. It buys into the absolute equivalence between physical and social bullying even as it demonstrates by its very message that the latter can be dealt with effectively by adopting the proper attitude — by relying on your inner strength — and demonstrates that being a victim of social bullying is an internal state.

    That doesn’t mean that social bullying isn’t a terrible, nasty thing for people to do, mind you. Nor does it mean we shouldn’t, as adults, take measures to stop it. But as someone whose schooling included both taunts and hurt feelings as well as concussions and separated ribs, I’ll take the hurt feelings every single time. It’s just an entirely different sort of experience — you’re never helpless when someone is insulting you, or spreading rumors, or excluding you. But when you’re beaten down to the ground and are being kicked by five guys, you don’t just feel helpless and despairing — there’s quite literally nothing to do but curl up and wait for it to stop.

    On the other hand, I should be realistic lest I be taken for a complete grouch: this is a beautiful, reasonably talented young girl whose apparently written at least 8 original songs. And *that* is what is most impressive about this outing, in my opinion: if you can put something up on YouTube when you’re fifteen that has the tagline “ORIGINAL #8”, well, that’s really pretty awesome.