Pulling the trigger on bad schools

The parent trigger has misfired again in California’s Mojave Desert. The Adelanto school board once again rejected a parent trigger petition, saying it fell two votes short of a majority, reports AP. The parents union wants to create a “partnership school” run by administrators, teachers and parents.

The district dismissed signatures of parents whose children who had left Desert Trails Elementary School since January, parents who rescinded their signatures in writing and by phone, parents who were not legal guardians or who had no comparison signature on file at the school.

Parents and their supporters said they disputed a number of those invalidations, especially after they found evidence of forgery on six signature withdrawal forms after the petition was turned in the first time in January. That evidence has been turned over to the San Bernardino County District Attorney.

Parent union organizer Doreen Diaz said she was outraged that the district continued to count about 64 rescissions after a random sampling revealed fraud. The district only discounted the six where proof appeared conclusive.

The parents group will take the district to court.

Hopes and Fears for Parent Trigger Laws is a subject for debate at the New York Times.

Don’t condescend to parents, writes RiShawn Biddle, a fan of parent trigger laws.

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  1. Hey, you should mention that frequent commenter CarolineSF is one of the debaters in that public forum.

    • Debater? Conveyor of the tawdry party line that’s all supporters of the educational status quo have to offer in response to awful schools.

      Pleasingly enough such tactics are more an indication of the slipping grasp people such as Caroline, and the extant public education system she seeks to prop up, have on the public’s mind. That’s why there’s been a steady drumbeat of legislative losses since the 2010 midterms.

      • Ah Allen, as usual you know nothing so you resort to throwing insults.

        • I know that Texas passed parental trigger as did Connecticut. I also know that about twenty other states are looking at parental trigger law.

          Gosh, it looks like I know quite a bit.

          So what do you think, Mike? As more states pass parental trigger law and more parents find out about it will more schools be wrenched out of the deadening grip of the district? Or will parents, horrified at the thought of trespassing upon the sacred precincts of the noble teacher recoil from such heresy?

          I’m betting door number one.

  2. What’s the matter, the corporate-backed parent group couldn’t lie or buy their way to enough votes?