Neediest students will lose federal aid

People who lack a high school diploma or GED will lose college aid eligibility on July 1. Currently, they can prove their “ability to benefit” from college classes by passing a test of earning six college credits. The new federal budget cuts aid to these students to save Pell Grant money.

Community colleges are cutting programs, such as sports teams and enrichment classes, to save money.

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  1. Under those guidelines, my father wouldn’t have been able to attend college, back in the early 50’s. He’d only attended a few months of 9th grade.

    This is forcing kids that DON’T want to be there, stay there. Worse, it takes the GED from being an alternative credential to being a waste of time. I’ve known a few kids that “GED’d” because of bullying, then attended college. Instead, we’re going to force the unwilling to stay.

    Look for more discipline problems in the future.

  2. Sean Mays says:

    Interesting. How will this impact the homeschool crowd? Plenty of whom I’d imagine don’t have diplomas? I know there are diploma programs out there, but what fraction of the community chooses to go that route? And also, what Linda said.

    Couldn’t we just have cut offs or phase outs based on national normed scores? Really, I could care less if you have a diploma; but you DO have an 18 composite on the ACT or 900 on all three sections of the SAT; that might be more relevant than a “diploma” which hardly has any standard meaning.