In Texas, a bachelor’s for under $10,000

Challenged by Gov. Rick Perry to offer a $10,000 bachelor’s degree, a Texas university, working with community colleges, will offer a bachelor’s in information technology for $9,700.  Another university plans a bachelor’s in organizational leadership for $10,000 or less by 2013.

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  1. I went to BYU, and spent only $2000 a semester. By the end of my four years I only had spent $16,000 (yes, that includes the slight tuition increases each year) on my B.S. degree in Education.

    That’s less than my husband spent for ONE semester of Grad school

  2. Gov. Perry knows his challenge is BS, he’s helped decimate funding to Texas universities and ensured college is now out of reach for most Texans.

    • College is already out of reach for most Americans without the “help” of massive loans. I concede that your mind-reading skills are better than mine, so perhaps Gov. Perry does indeed know his challenge is BS. But being a glass-is-half-full kind of guy, I prefer to think of it as a good starting point for a dialogue.

      Besides, at least one Texas college has stepped up and met that goal. What is your specific, concrete, non-political problem with that?

      • Norm,

        I’m quite familiar with college costs in Texas, as I have a daughter who is a senior in HS.

        We are looking at 20K a year to attend a 4 year public college. The 2 college degrees mentioned are very specific and in conjunction with community colleges. For the overwhelming majority of students a college degree is a costly proposition, much more than 10K.

        And let’s be realistic, the 10K probably only covers tuition. As you are probably aware, there’s a lot more costs involved.

  3. It’s good to make higher education more affordable, but how is the quality?