Community colleges draw middle-class students

Community colleges are attracting more young, middle-class students seeking an affordable bachelor’s degree. But these students demand more campus amenities.

At s Los Angeles community college, 96 percent of new students need remedial classes. 

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  1. Walter E Wallis says:

    Sounds like they need fewer college classrooms and more HS completion courses. HS subjects are best taught in HS surroundings.

  2. Does it have to get to 100 percent before we admit that the K-12 schools in LA have completely failed? Is 100 percent remediation even enough to declare failure?

  3. Another argument for homeschooling!

  4. Richard Aubrey says:

    I would expect the LA CC draws mostly from the LAUSD, which would explain things.

  5. 96% need remediation? That’s not just failure, that’s criminal fraud!

  6. Thank you for this enlightening piece Joanne. I am reading the community college campus novel you recommended in a feature last month, The Philip Dolly Affair. The novel spells out many of these “middle class dreams” through entertaining, yet pertinent dialogue. Yes, the current 21st century community college needs to critically assess its culture that’s for sure. “Stewardship over Leadership” as mentioned in the novel, may be the direction community colleges may wish to pursue.

  7. Bob Zontarg says:

    I’m a custodian at a school. Hah. Whatever happend to those techinical high schools that taught kids trades like welding and drafting and heavy equipment operation. Sure, a kid needs to be able to read. And he should be able to figure out basic math. But why does everybody in dis country think everybody has to co to college. What about those big student loan problems? Thanks. I gotta get back to work.

  8. Bob, you’re exactly right. And I say this as someone with several PhDs in my family. Not everyone needs to go to college – and that shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing by society, or as a “loser” thing. A good plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc. can make REALLY good money. Just not at first. And other jobs, like police officer, firefighter, EMT, etc. also pay very well in most locations, and are honorable jobs and necessary for society’s function. Welders and masons are extremely respectful and tough jobs to master. And how would our world look without beauticians? All these jobs are essential for society’s function. We can’t all be theologians and paper pushers – and many people wouldn’t want to be. And that’s OK!