College grads earn 8% to 11% less

Female college graduates earn 7.6 percent less than they did 10 years ago, while their male counterparts make 11 percent less, according to the Economic Policy Institute, which looked at entry-level wages.

What do you think? asks The Onion.

“It’s not like 2002, when a guy could graduate from a liberal arts college and just watch the money roll in,” says Jenn Serreo.

Unfunny fact:  High school-educated men in entry-level jobs have taken a 25 percent earnings hit from 1970 to 2011,  reports EPI.

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  1. In other news, the elimination of the middle class continues apace, while the top 1% increase both their income and wealth.

    • Ok, I’ll bite: The middle class is not being eliminated; it is committing suicide, encouraged by many damaging government and social policies. The behavior of the Occupy movement testifies to this. The top 1%, as you call it, is a fluid group. People flow into and out of the 1% as their businesses and ideas prosper or fail, which is why overtaxing the 1% is a self-defeating proposition for the country.

      • I agree that the middle class is in effect committing suicide. It is a shame that men and women in entry level positions are making less than they were ten years ago but, I think that is the case for most positions (entry-level or otherwise).

  2. Interesting, thanks Joanne.