Chicago plans six-year tech high schools

Chicago will open five new six-year high schools that will let students complete “grade 14” with an associate degree and high-tech job skills. IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Motorola Solutions and Verizon will develop curricula, mentor students, provide summer internships and guarantee a “first-in-line” job interview after graduation.

Also on Community College Spotlight: Dual enrollment classes let a wide range of students — not just high achievers — earn college and high school credits at the same time. Does it raise the odds of college success?

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  1. This seems a reform in the wrong direction. Many kids are – and should be – capable of completing associate degree and career training between sixteen and eighteen. With dual credit and concurrent enrollment we should be more efficiently providing degrees in a shorter time – not simply housing a community college in a high school.

    • Roger Sweeny says:

      But Michael, it is a truth universally acknowledged that the more time you spend in school, the better person you are. You might be able to learn the skills in less time but you wouldn’t be as good a person.

      And there would be fewer jobs for people in my business.

      • Roger, that is absolutely untrue in many of the countries that outpace us in education – Germany, Finland, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan ….

        Oh, wait a minute. That was sarcasm, wasn’t it? 🙂