Kids under 17 can’t see ‘Bully” documentary

Children under 17 won’t be able to see a new anti-bullying movie without an adult escort. Bully, which follows five victims and their families through a school year, has been rated R. Producer Harvey Weinstein is protesting the documentary’s rating, which is based on six expletives. The movie will be released March 23.

Stopped Clock lists classic movies about bullying, noting that school principals often are depicted as bullies.

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  1. tim-10-ber says:

    I don’t know what the six words are and I sure don’t care. The kind of language kids hear in school well before high school can be much worse. Really sad…equally sad is the number of adults in school that bully, too.

  2. Ponderosa says:

    I don’t think any adults at my school bully kids, but I see kids bullying adults all the time.