Training ’21st-century workers’ isn’t fast or easy

President Obama wants community colleges to train 2 million “21st-century workers” for skilled technical jobs in the next three years — but most community college students don’t have the math and reading skills these jobs require.

California’s high-minority community colleges have low transfer rates. Graduates of low-performing high schools who enroll in community college have little chance of completing a bachelor’s degree.

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  1. Stacy in NJ says:

    Let me understand this: community colleges, which in recent years have been reasonably efficient in providing meaningful education and training at reasonable costs, are going to “benefit” from new attention at the federal level? The major difficulty facing cc’s being the need to offer remedial classes because many income students are poorly prepared by their high schools?

    If the Obama Administration focused on improving the mission of high school – making it more relevant instead of “college for all”- then this focus on CC’s would be completely unnecessary. But why disturb the dreams of their union campaign contributors? Let’s just mess-up the community colleges by splashing around some money to attract rent-seekers who will then provide more campaign contributions. In the mean-time, students/individuals who want to improve their situations will continue to search out educational opportunities regardless of the action of the federal government.

    A clever teen with a bit of ambition would quit high school at 16, take the GED, and enroll in a community college to get good quality job training. Better yet, why not homeschool and take the cc classes? Is the goal to make high school irrelevant for all but the four year college bound?