The anti-theft lunch bag

Anti-Theft Lunch Bag: A Solution to the Stolen Lunch Problem via Lynne Diligent at Dilemmas of an Expat Tutor. She suggests using a magic marker on the outside of the lunch bag to deter thieves and bullies.

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  1. Who would look into a lunch bag before stealing it? Are people that brazen?

  2. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Is this really a “big” problem?

    I’m trying to imagine this… what do the kids do, come in at recess and steal? When would this happen?

    It’s easy to steal lunches in an office because the refrigerator isn’t in the middle of a large room filled with people and workers have a lot more discretion to go hither and yon while they’re on the clock. But even there it’s not that big of a problem.

    HOW do lunches get stolen in a classroom? I’m just not seeing the logistics of the theft.

    First you have to steal it.

    THEN you have to eat it.

    • J. D. Salinger says:

      I think it was supposed to be humorous by someone who could care less whether you see the logistics of the theft or not.

      • Michael E. Lopez says:

        The picture’s funny, yes.

        And Diligent acknowledges that it’s a humorous picture.

        Her assertion that stolen lunches are a big problem, however, does not seem to be part of the joke.

        But I suppose it’s possible that I’m just not getting the invisible textual sarcasm.

  3. Mark Roulo says: