Performance Funding 2.0 takes off

Performance Funding 2.0 — linking higher education dollars to student success, not just enrollment — is taking off in many states. It’s not just a token bonus any more. Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana are writing performance measures into base funding for higher education.

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  1. tim-10-ber says:

    Good…then lets raise the admission standards, too…no kids admitted to four year colleges needing any kind of remediation, minimum ACT composite score of 24 with math and english being a minimum 24, too…finally!!! I feel for the Jr. Colleges…they should have to take them ever…K-12 is suppose to educate students…right? Also, make student loans, grants, etc. harder to get, bring back true voc-tech in high school…only 30% of jobs today and in the future will require a college degree…what we need are highly trained skilled workers…