One third of college students transfer

One third of college students transfer before earning a degree, often going from a four-year to a two-year school. Federal data counts transfers as dropouts.

California community colleges have cut 20,000 courses this year, making it hard for students to complete a degree or vocational certificate, but still offer Playing the Ukulele for Older Adults and Reclaiming Joy: Meeting Your Inner Child.

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  1. Does anyone else find it problematic that Federal data counts transfers from a 4 year university to a community college as a “dropout.” We (society) encourage students to further their education but then chastise them, if for a reason of their own, they decide to get an associates instead of a bachelor’s? A four year college is not for everyone; but that does not make the student a “dropout.”

  2. I agree. “Dropout” should mean that they reached the age of, say, 25, and had no degree at all, and hadn’t been attending college anywhere in the last year (or two). If you transfer from one college to another – whether 4-year to 2-year or vice versa – and end up with a degree, then you weren’t a dropout!

  3. The gathering of dropout statistics like that is one of those weird rules lobbied by the big 4-year Universities to pick on the community colleges and the for-profit colleges. (Though in this case, it might have backfired on them a bit.)