Colleges pay recruiters to bring in foreign students

Small colleges are paying recruiters to bring in foreign students who’ll pay full tuition. It’s illegal to pay U.S. recruiters, but not those based overseas.

Houston Community College has opened an overseas campus that some call Crazy College of Qatar.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Have a friend whose dtr matriculated at Mich State. She was living in a dorm whose rooms were for two back in the day, and now have four. I heard five but I’ll go with four. Most of the kids are Chinese from abroad. They are standoffish and, since the U meal ticket provides fifteen meals a week, do a lot of Chinese cooking. So people can tell where you live when you walk into a classroom or pass them upwind. The crowding makes studying difficult.
    She quit, as it happens, but the point is how far the U is willing to go–and this is a state U chartered for the education of state residents originally–to get the big bucks.