Women leave workforce for college

While men tend to take whatever work they can find, more women are choosing college over a bad job. Will the ex-Starbucks barista be able to pay back $200,000 in student loans with a masters in strategic communications?

California’s Dream Act promises undocumented students college aid but no path to citizenship.

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  1. Such a shame that new students are not diligent in researching cost of education versus possible future earnings. What happened to “buyer beware” and good old common sense? It makes sense to me that somewhere along the educational track we need to insert this as part of college readiness training. Just getting into college should not be the only goal. Community college is a good deal, and a better starting point for many.

  2. “To pay off a $200,000 student loan you need a $200,000 annual salary”

    I ran the numbers for a loan of that size, and it doesn’t look pretty. It’s extremely unlikely that a master’s in communications will lead to a six-figure salary, especially right out of college.


  3. Actually, before anyone wants to take a look at leaving a job for a college degree, they might want to take a look at what Dr. Marty Nemko has to say about the value of a college degree (bachelor’s):

    It’s the most overrated product in America.

    Here is a youtube link to the whole story:


    This clip appears on ABC 20/20 and is narrated by John Stossel (who also did the video – Stupid In America), which can be found here:


    College costs have become so burdensome that many students leaving college (the majority of which did not complete a degree or certificate) have mountains of debt which they’ll never be able to pay off in their lifetimes.

    There is some excellent information stated in both videos, IMO.