Technology will help students succeed — but not yet

Technology will help college students succeed, but we’re years away from linking new tools to teaching and learning.

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  1. Today, we are dealing with a different type of student than 50 years ago. The world is changing drastically with the introduction of technology. The U.S. students are tuned to it, but current teaching methods are lagging far behind. More technology and increased rigor is needed for the U.S. students to compete on a global level.

    • Sorry but the use of technology’s been an on-going debacle in public education for quite a few decades.

      Movies were touted as an educational marvel and, given the educational value of a very few documentaries, the potential’s always been there. But the demand? Not from the public education system.

      Pretty nearly every other technological development it seems has been examined for utility in education and either been misused until the grant funding dried up or ignored. Television, radio, video cassettes, audio cassettes, film strips and probably a few I’ve forgotten, have been held up as a great step forward. All failed and for the same reason; in the public education system education’s unimportant.

      Pass, fail, it’s all the same to the elected officials and professionals so what’s the motivation to develop the revolutionary technology? There is none.

  2. As far as I know human biology has not changed…learning still works the same as it used to. Should they be competent at using tech? Sure, but that doesn’t mean its the best way to teach something.

  3. Technology is only as smart as the user. I keep trying to convince my students that the calculator only spits back correct answers if you put in the correct input, but many still assume that the calculator knows all.

    And if technology is the future then why don’t we teach them skills to help them develop technology like hardcore computer science? Oh wait, I forgot, that would require actual effort and would be hard.

    • Sad tidbit: I’ve witnessed plenty of high school students use the calculator to divide a number by 1.

  4. Technology is the most overrated thing in the history of education. All the technology in the world cannot save us from ourselves.

  5. Technology and Students: Students depend too much on technology to complete their assignments. Technology has failed many students. Essentially, students allow technology to affect their interpersonal communication skills.

    It is common to encounter learning style issues related to technology dependence. Students tend to use their text messaging language on academic discussion boards. Students abbreviate words and overuse slang. They depend on program spellcheck and grammar correction.

    Technology can stimulate education. In essence, technology represents an education tool to guide their learning process.