Teachers Matter

Teachers Matter: Rethinking How Public Schools Identify, Reward and Retain Great Educators is a new book by Marcus Winters.

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  1. Hmm, charter schools? Michelle Rhee? Rewards based on tests?

    I haven’t read this book, but it sounds like everything that is wrong with education reform. Do I believe teachers matter? Of course. Do I want them judged on a test score or hired based on what charter schools or Teach for America do? Definitely not.

    • I think your list would be shorter if you described the method of judging teachers with which you agree.

  2. tim-10-ber says:

    Sadly…when asked our public school district has no clue if they are hiring an excellent teacher, maybe that has changed today but I doubt it…

  3. Lightly Seasoned says:

    The compensation system makes it financially punitive to jump districts after about 5 years, so principals are essentially nearly always hiring new teachers without a track record. They can’t go out and recruit excellent teachers.

  4. CaliforniaTeacher says:

    “Open the floodgates” and allow *more* people to become teachers? And *then* identify who’s a good one and who’s not?

    No. Absolutely not. Make the gates difficult and worthwhile to get through, and then train those excellent candidates well.