Study: NCLB ruined oral sex for teens

NCLB Blamed for Ruining Teen Oral Sex writes Jay Greene, after translating a scholarly article from “stupid BS” to English.

. . . this study appears to be claiming that an emphasis on individual academic achievement in school “crowds out” “the pleasure, choice, and mutuality” of teen fellatio and replaces it with an emphasis on “competence and skill usually associated with achievement and schooling.”

Greene provides the abstract of “It’s Like Doing Homework” — Academic Achievement Discourse in Adolescent Girls’ Fellatio Narratives published in the journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy:

Young women’s narratives of their sexual experiences occur amid conflicting cultural discourses of risk, abstinence, and moral panic. Yet young women, as social actors, find ways to make meaning of their experiences through narrative. In this study, we focused on adolescent girls’ (N=98, age 12–17 years) narratives of their first experiences with oral sex. We document our unexpected findings of persistent discourses of performance which echo newly emergent academic achievement discourses. Burns and Torre (Feminism & Psychology 15 (1):21–26, 2005) argue that an extreme and high stakes focus on individual academic achievement in schools impoverishes young minds through the “hollowing” of their sexualities. We present evidence that such influence also works in the opposite direction, with an achievement orientation invading girls’ discourses of sexuality, “crowding out” possible narratives of pleasure, choice, and mutuality with narratives of competence and skill usually associated with achievement and schooling. We conclude with policy implications for the future development of “positive” sexuality narratives.

It’s nice to think that teen-age girls value competence and skill.

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  1. I would rather suspect the widespread availability of p*rn for performance worries in teen girls.

  2. Heck not even porn, but just the sharing of videos between teens… the level of performance becomes a part of their social status.

  3. Am I really that old? In my day girls wouldn’t even admit they knew what a BJ was, much less compete in competency.

  4. Maybe smarter girls know that spending more time studying and less time in drunken hook-up sessions as teens will help them secure a brighter future. Teen boys are not exactly known for being particularly skilled lovers so it’s not like virgins are missing out on much except for the chance to catch an STD or get pregnant…

  5. Thinly Veiled Anonymity says:

    So I read that entire, tedious article. I have but one question:

    Is anyone surprised that getting good at sex takes practice?

  6. I think a big factor is all of the group discovery work done at school. Kids don’t want adults lecturing them. What is meaningful is only what they construct themselves. Kids can probably give you 69 reasons why discovery is best. It must be great when the light bulb goes on.

  7. I’m sure this isn’t the case, but all through reading that I had a mental image of a creepy old guy in a room with a tape recorder and young girl saying, “and then, what did you do next? I need FULL details!”

  8. As a parent and grandparent, I’m in favor of almost anything that gets in the way of teeenagers perfecting (or acquiring) sexual skills of any kind; if it’s academics, so much the better.