Repayment study left out blacks

A U.S. Education Department analysis on the relationship between race and repayment of student loans left out black students, skewing results used to justify the gainful employment rule imposed on for-profit colleges.

Should Pell Grants be targeted at low-income students — or expanded to middle-class families? 

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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:


  2. This kind of problem would be far less likely to occur if grants and loans were limited to those who have proved (SAT/ACT scores) themselves capable of college work and to majors likely to enable repayment of loans. Grades are too easily manipulated. The whole outfit would cost less, too, if only the qualified received taxpayer-funded aid.

  3. Just a question for clarification-
    Did the study “leave out blacks,” in other words, not include the results from individuals that were black, or did it not consider the effect of race on the different results?

    • Oh, and I love the following quote –

      “Eduardo Ochoa, the department’s assistant secretary for postsecondary education, said “accurate figures would have had no impact on the final regulations.””

      Beautiful, and very representative of the government nowadays.

  4. Mr. Ochoa has a bright future ahead of him in gov’t bureaucracy.