Bee a speling winnor

“This, kids, is irony,” writes the Huffington Post, seeking the teachable moment.

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  1. Perhaps it’s more of an incongruity than an example of irony?

  2. Aw, how can you blame them? The sign’s not equipped with a spell checker.


  3. Hi Joanne,

    Today I took my son who’s been identified as autistic since he was 3 yrs. old., today he’s 19. I’ve been told that he’s high functioning autistic, but today a Dr. of Mental Health who’s ordered by the State to observe my son said that he’s grown out of autisim. How can that be is such a thing possible, it’s not like he chose autisim as a habit, he was born with ‘autisium’ can you pls. let me know.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. It is not possible to grow out of autism. What has happened is your son has learned the required coping skills to be more functional in society. He has learned how to fit in, control his impulses, etcetera.

    What the state doctor is saying, he copes so well the state doesn’t have to pay anymore.

    Get ready to appeal the denial of services that will shortly ensue.

  5. On the sign; couldn’t it be a mixture of Congratulations and Adulation?

    That was my first thought; Congratulations, We adore you – but we can’t spell it out on this silly sign and besides I ran out of ‘T’s.

  6. Richard Aubrey says:

    I’ve seen “congradulations” from time to time and figured it was a play on words having to do with graduation.
    Maybe not.
    More precise pronunciation will help, but it’s pretty common to hear the hard TCH slidiing over to J. “Sound it out” doesn’t always help.