A bachelor’s isn’t always better

Texas needs skilled workers with two-year technical degrees, say educators and employers. A bachelor’s isn’t always better.

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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:

    The fallacy continues…

    We don’t need more people to go to college and get 4-year degrees to form a skilled labor force.

    Nor is what is needed skilled workers with two-year degrees.

    What is needed is skilled workers, simpliciter.

    The degrees — if they work properly — are just a way to make finding the skilled workers easier. But they are not the thing that we need, nor are they necessarily even a good epistemological tool. As I said, they can be useful if they work properly.

  2. So I’m the only person who read the title as “A bachelor isn’t always better”?

  3. Cynewulf Allworthy says:

    I would only venture that community college purpose and identity have been splintered. Perhaps the community college movement has strayed far from its original intent– to improve immediate life quality for students. During the last ten years, much has been made of community colleges as Higher Education Leaders. Perhaps in fact they are excellent post secondary institutions whose purpose should be to improve the literacies (academic and vocational) of their students. My understanding is that President Obama, and W. Bush, both see community colleges as job training mechanisms. Ultimately, the people want jobs, not philosophy!