Welding for greatness

Jay Leno promotes careers in welding.

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  1. Obi-Wandreas says:

    After so many years of the denigration of manual labor, this is good to see. These are jobs which require skill and dedication, and do not suffer fools. And, perhaps even more importantly, no matter where things are built, they must be installed and serviced here.

    Nobody has the money to pay people to sit around thinking or talking about things. Everyone needs somebody to do things.

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    All very well, but welding, like any other manual skill requires you to be good in order to get work at it. Merely being uninterested or incapable of college-prep does not make a good skilled tradesman.
    In addition, anyone who wants to be self-employed in a field like this has to be organized, at least somewhat outgoing if not a people person, a self-starter, and be aware that his or her first job is selling others on paying him to do this thing, whatever it may be, well. Which presumes among other things that he or she can do this well enough to merit somebody paying for it.