Students as teaching evaluators

A team of evaluators judged Gina Wickstead’s teaching. They weren’t administrators or teachers, she writes on Impatient Optimists. They were the Student Instructional Council.

They came into my classroom taking notes, and asking my students what the learning objective was for the day. “Did I teach my lesson clearly? What are my students saying when asked about their learning?” I wondered nervously.

A teacher at a neighboring high school had recruited students to visit classrooms and provide feedback to teachers. Now Wickstead’s middle school has a council of its own.

“Students care about how they are learning and want to have a say about it,” writes Wickstead. “They just need to be taught what meaningful feedback looks likes.”


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  1. Right, like it’s not enough that the admins who observe us are clueless in the subject matter we teach, let the students miss their classes and come observe us (and disrupt by interviewing/walking, watching…)