Self-paced math lab replaces remedial classes

Frustrated by high failure rates in remedial math classes, one community college now assigns all remedial students to a math lab, where they work at their own pace, moving on when they achieve mastery.

Free e-books may be a bad deal for tech-poor students, a community college dean writes.

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  1. I serve as a continuation high school math teacher who works both in credit recovery and concurrent enrollment.

    Self-paced is synonymous with “mastery learning” for me. My students work in ALEKS or Buzzmath or e2020 primarily, depending on their goals and strengths.

    This approach works with students who “have failed direct instruction” exceedingly well. In particular, my Hispanic male students excel in this approach.

  2. Perhaps this could also be a “solution” for those gifted students whose schools cannot or will not offer accelerated classes.