Nanny says no: Hot for teacher

Reason‘s “Nanny of the Month” law would make student-teacher sex a felony, even if the student is 18 or older. Adult ed teachers and school volunteers are included in the proposed Michigan law.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    At Duke, where some rapes are more equal than others, particularly if they didn’t really happen, the rules refer to a perceived power differential.
    So, even if the sex is consensual, if the woman is a freshman, all dewy-eyed and innocent, and the guy is number two singles on the varsity tennis team, it might be actionable.
    Since there is a greater perceived power differential, I see the Duke philosophy supporting this perfectly.
    And, when you come to think about it, screwing your prof for a grade, or the promise of a grade, or an implied grade, is a no-no in college, no matter how far over eighteen the student is.

  2. Michael E. Lopez says:

    Yeah, but there’s a HUGE difference between creepy and unprofessional on the one hand, and felonious on the other.

  3. Richard Aubrey says:

    Michael. I agree, but in either case, Duke’s power differential or screwing for grades, the institution will sanction the perp. Not a felony, but a sanction anyway. More than creepy.

  4. I think there should be institutional policies prohibiting sexual contact between professors & TA’s and students who are enrolled in their classes during the term of those classes. My aunt actually met one of her boyfriends while he was a professor and she was a grad student, but they didn’t become romantically involved until after the class was over. I don’t buy the “power differential” argument when the student is no longer taking the professor’s class.

  5. Makes sense, if the student is done taking the class the professor is teaching, then the student-professor relationship no longer exists (unless the professor is their advisor in their field of study).

    More PC baloney gone amok, IMO…

  6. Richard Aubrey says:

    I believe the perceived power differential at Duke refers to the perception of whichever underemployed feminist ‘crat who happens to hear the complaint. I don’t know if Duke’s rules will be laughed out of town or considered to be valid. See the “Dear Colleague” letter ref due process and preponderance of evidence.
    Duke’s too big to do an Antioch in any useful time frame.

  7. wahoofive says:

    Just what we need: redefining more things as felonies so we can put even more of our citizens in prison.

  8. Richard Aubrey says:

    wahoo. A federal prosecutor wrote a book saying we commit on average three felonies a day, without knowing it. So I see your point.
    But the question is, if a particular thing is seen as wrong, damaging to somebody, with a possible implication of coercion, how does society deal with it?