Muslim students force out religion prof

Muslim students disrupted a world religion class and told classmates to be “scared,”  says the adjunct professor, who resigned in protest when Tarrant County College officials sided with two Muslims in the class. A Baptist, Paul Derengowski is biased against Islam — and most other religions.

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  1. So, if I’m following, a self-proclaimed religious bigot who claimed to be checking his bias at the door got into some form of conflict with the Muslim students in his class over his treatment of Islam, when it turned into an argument attempted to blow a student comment out of proportion to get the student into trouble, ended up with the faculty siding with the students, resigned in a fit of pique, and this is an example of… what, exactly?

  2. Joanne… you left out quite a bit of important context in your little blurb… this “religion professor” runs an incredibly racist and bigoted website… “Christian Apologetics Project”… according to his website, he calls all religions, other than evangelical christianity, cults… pretty nasty, biased website. He advertised his website on the syllabus for the class he was teaching, so it is not a matter of him checking his prejudice at the door.