Irish complaint: Colleges neglect top students

Ireland’s focus on sending disadvantaged, disabled and older students to college is pushing top students to study abroad, charges Michael Murphy, president of University College Cork, reports the Irish Examiner.  In order to widen access, colleges have diverted resources from the most talented students, Murphy told business leaders in Cork.

Dr. Murphy admitted: “It has become unpopular, indeed politically incorrect, to voice concerns about the needs of academically talented students.”

. . .  the universities’ ability to maximise the talents of the intellectually gifted has diminished as expanding higher education has brought weaker students who need more academic support from fewer staff.

“There is extensive anecdotal evidence of many of our brightest students emigrating after completing Leaving Certificate for overseas education and never returning,” he said.

While college enrollment increased 15 percent in the last three years, colleges and universities have 10 percent fewer academic staff and 9 percent less funding, he said.

Via Lessons From Abroad.

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