Deregulating education

Robert Pondiscio speculates about deregulating education in response to John Bailey’s call for the federal government to work with the private sector to improve teaching and learning.


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  1. Kirk Parker says:

    But without a doubt, deregulation has allowed public property to be used to build private fortunes.

    Uh, no. The whole bandwidth-is-public-property analogy needs to be retired, and replaced with something that better models our current situation.

  2. “From space travel to health care to clean energy, the federal government has a successful track record of partnering with the private sector,” writes John Bailey

    Let’s see. The vast bulk of “space travel” – the Moon race – was nothing more then a publicity stunt done for political purposes and it could be argued persuasively set back access to space for what actual value that capability is worth.

    Health care? Yeah, right.

    Clean energy? Even more, yeah, right.

    It is awfully nice though that someone with some reputation to lose is willing to challenge the thought-that-must-not-be-expressed – that maybe government’s a lousy vehicle for seeing to the education of children. Suggests that the usual, and until now successful, response to such an idea, a contentless dismissal masquerading as a psychiatric diagnosis, is losing its effectiveness.