100-2 victors may lose basketball season

After a 100-2 victory in a preseason basketball game, a Kentucky middle school team’s season may be canceled for poor sportsmanship.

Pikeville, a large middle school, played Kimper, a small K-8 school with students as young as 11 on the squad.

Pikeville led 25-0 just 1:48 into the game. The team dropped its full-court press and Coach Bryan Johnson removed all five starters. But the subs were too good for Kimper. Pikeville lead 70-0 by halftime. In the second half, the coach put the starters back in but told them to “stop playing defense” and give the opponents a chance to score.

Pikeville is scheduled to play Kimper during the season. Johnson says he’ll leave his eighth-grade players home.

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  1. Michael E. Lopez says:

    People who look down on lopsided victories like this are guilty of reacting without having a grounded vision of what they would like to be the case.

    What is the superior team supposed to do? Let’s consider the options.

    Let the other team Score: Preposterous and insulting. Letting someone else score in a game isn’t “good sportsmanship” at all. In fact, it’s almost the worst kind of sportsmanship there is, because it robs the other team of a chance to actually play. Which brings us to…

    Refuse to Play: Again, bad sportsmanship. Stomping off the field and whining because you lose is bad sportsmanship. Stomping off the field because you win too easily is also bad sportsmanship.

    Call the Game: Again, you rob the other team of their chance to get in there and give it their all, even though they get creamed. There’s valor, virtue, and wisdom to be gained in picking yourself up again and again and getting kicked down again and again and again.

    Don’t Keep Score: Sort of defeats the purpose of having a game, doesn’t it?

    Magically Transport Both Teams to a Fluffy Bunny World Where Everyone Is Great At Everything: Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the people who complain about these sorts of victories do have a positive, grounded account of what they’d like to see happen.

    This last must be the preferred option.

  2. Poor sportsmanship? It sounds like the coach did everything he could reasonably do in this situation. Some leagues have mercy rules that would have stopped the game before it got so lopsided.

  3. Cranberry says:

    No one has fun when the teams are not evenly matched.

    The two schools shouldn’t be playing in the same league. “Not in my league” has a sports background, doesn’t it? When teams are so far apart in their skill level, the league directors should move at least one team to a more (or less) competitive league.

    And, anyways, the season won’t be cancelled. It’s not clear where that rumor started: http://www.kentucky.com/2011/12/01/1978711/pikeville-public-schools-superintendent.html