Where the jobs (and pay) will be

Where will the jobs (and middle-class wages) will be in the next few years for people without four-year college degrees? Retiring baby boomers will open up manufacturing jobs for male high school graduates. Women will need a certificate or associate degree — preferably in a health-care field — to have a shot at earning at least $35,000 a year.

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  1. –Retiring baby boomers will open up manufacturing jobs for male high school graduates.

    Really? 20 years ago, I was told that I was the perfect age for academia, as many professors would be retiring, opening up huge numbers of slots for us younger, newly minted phds.

    But it didn’t happen. The expected retirements didn’t materialize en masse, and even when people did retire, colleges and universities cut costs by not replacing those professors. Instead, they created more and more adjunct faculty and temporary lecturer positions instead.

    I think it’s highly unlikely that the boomers will retire en masse either–certainly not into this recession, which has clobbered their retirement savings and cratered their home values. If pensions end up paid out at less than full dollar value, that will also mean less retirings. But even if they do, don’t count on companies seeing that “slot” as a slot to fill. They will automate it away, compress it to take on the work of more prior employees at once, or otherwise shift their cost burden away from employment.

    • Clobbered WHAT retirement savings? Nearly 40% of Americans have NO retirement savings – even among those approaching retirement age. Many have amounts far too low to sustain them in retirement. Let’s not blame it all on the recession and cratering home values. The “Lost Decade” for the stock market certainly didn’t help. This is a generation that managed their finances pretty poorly overall. But no, the jobs won’t be opening up soon. Many of them will pass over Gen X directly to Gen Y.

  2. GoogleMaster says:

    All of these “retiring baby boomers” stories crack me up. I’m 47 and they keep trying to tell me I’m a baby boomer, but I certainly don’t plan to retire for another 20 years or so.