Teach for America outperforms in Tennessee

Teach for America teachers in Memphis and Nashville outperformed both experienced and new teachers, according to a state report card on teacher training. Teachers trained at Nashville’s Lipscomb University also did well.

Nine teacher training programs, including Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee-Martin, Middle Tennessee State and the Memphis Teacher Residency were cited for failing to compete with the quality of new teachers from other programs.

Memphis Teacher Residency, which recruits college graduates from other careers, posted low scores for high school teachers but relatively high scores for teachers in grades four through eight.  


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  1. tim-10-ber says:

    This is the fourth year of the study…know the TFA teachers were tops last year too. Kudos to Lipscomb. Love their dean of education…she gets it.

  2. Based on 99 total TFA teachers, and I’m sure there was no cherry picking of data going on (wink, wink).

  3. tim-10-ber says:

    The teacher training programs are weak in Tennessee…the data is very valid…wish we had many, many more TFA teachers…

  4. I don’t doubt the data, I just wonder if it is usable at all. Is TFA really an approach that can scale to fill all of public education’s needs? Wouldn’t there be a decline in the quality of students as the quantity increases?