New GED will test college readiness

The GED is being redesigned with two passing points: One will signify high school equivalency, while a higher one will indicate college and career readiness. The idea is to encourage GED passers to go on to postsecondary training, though I predict few will pass at the readiness level.

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  1. not so fast says:

    Homeschoolers frequently take the GED in order to simplify college applications. I have no doubt that the ones I know can pass at the readiness level.

    • Stacy in NJ says:

      Yep, this will work to the advantage of homeschoolers who will now have a measure other than the SAT or ACT. Hopefully, because of the “readiness” standard, colleges will treat this variety of GED with more credibility.

  2. The EdWeek article is full of errors. Those were the plans at some point, but they have changed somewhat as the work of redesigning test.