Neither a borrower nor a graduate be

Is fear of debt worse than debt itself? College students who borrow are more likely to go full-time and complete degrees.

Self-paced online tutorials followed by four weeks of community college classes are training jobless workers for manufacturing jobs at Boeing.

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  1. Did you catch that own of the people bemoaning the aversion to incurring debt is a college president? Per Wikipedia, that particular college (in addition to academics) has many support programs (see cut-and-paste from Wikipedia below). While each of these programs has something to recommend it, altogether they show the administrative bloat that makes college so much more expensive than it needs to be if one just wants academic classes and a degree at the end.

    Long Beach City College offers a variety of Student Support Services and Programs designed to provide high quality services that engage student learning in and out of the classroom. Working collaboratively with the college and the community, Support Services cultivate a holistic and student-centered environment where students can achieve their personal educational goals.
    These programs are (but not limited to):
    Career & Job Services (LAC/PCC) – Career counselors assist with the exploration and development of career and employment goals.
    Child Development Center (LAC/PCC) – Quality child care is given to 2-5 year old children of Long Beach City College students, faculty and staff.
    Disabled Students Programs and Services (LAC/PCC) – DSPS provides many support services that enable students with disability related limitations to participate in the college’s programs and activities including note-takers, readers, interpreters and assistance with registration.
    English as a Second Language Office (PCC) – Provides bilingual information on college services and benefits by ESL Counselors and Advisors, offers the ESL test, and provides assistance with online registration.
    Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (LAC/PCC) – Retention program designed to assist qualified students with educational counseling, priority registration, assistance with transfer and assistance with textbooks/supplies.
    Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (LAC/PCC) – Additional assistance for EOPS students who are single parents, head of household, have at least one child 13 years of age or younger and are participating in CalWORKS or GAIN.
    International Students Program (LAC) – Services in immigration matters; academic, career and personal counseling; and housing assistance to international students.
    Transfer Center (LAC/PCC) – Helps new and transfer-bound students with registration and transfer workshops, LBCC online access, and assists in communication with university representatives.
    Project Launch (LAC/PCC) – Academic, career, financial, and personal advising services for students who are either first generation college students, low income and/or learning/physically disabled.
    Puente (LAC) – Prepares educationally underserved students transfer to four-year colleges and universities Student Success Centers (LAC/PCC)- Academic support and learning assistance for students across the disciplines.