Instead of college

Young people who aren’t academically inclined could use a job-readiness exam and “stackable” certificates in vocational skills to build their own career ladder — but it’s hard to break the traditional colleges’ monopoly on education and job training.

City College of San Francisco now offers an associate degree in gay studies, while a nearby community colleges offers a certificate.  Graduates can transfer to San Diego State to earn a bachelor’s degree in gay studies, which leads to a career as a . . . Perhaps a professional occupier?

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  1. I think Kahn Academy and others like it will make a difference. I had to brush up on my Linear Algebra recently, so I started listening to lectures (and doing exercises) at Kahn Academy. It was fun. There’s no pressure, you can listen to the videos more than once if you need to. You can go back and review anything you forget. I was up through eigenvectors and eigenvalues in a couple of weeks.

    Salmon Kahn is also an amazingly good teacher. If just one guy can do this, what could happen if a couple hundred people got involved?

  2. Here’s a link to Sal Kahn talking about the future of Kahn Academy. It’s revolutionary:

  3. Saw an unofficial survey taken on Wall Street that suggested that the 99% were “professional occupiers.”