Graduation + transfer = new success rate

Community college success rates will rise, under a new definition that includes transfer students who go on to a four-year institution before earning an associate degree.

Nearly 80 percent of male black and Latino college students in California enroll in community college. Six years later, 80 percent have failed to complete a certificate or degree or transfer to a university. Women do somewhat better.

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  1. Mervelle Sage says:

    This speaks volumes about the quality of education, and advising services that community colleges are providing to the students, especially in California. Students need to be able to get advising on career moves and acclimating themselves to the four year college and university environment. College fairs and career fairs should still take place. Even a transforming to the new four year college course is acceptable. Although adding the transfer students may seem to be helpful in increasing the success rate, does it really prove that the community colleges and universities truly accomplished their goals of educating these adult learners?

  2. Richard Aubrey says:

    What’s unsuccessful about sending a student on to a four-year school? Seems absurd to count that as some kind of a failure.