Counselors: Schools fail to prep students

High schools should ensure that all students have access to a quality education that prepares them for college and careers, say counselors in a College Board survey. But most say that’s not the mission of their school system.

Ideally, what should be the mission of the education system? In reality, how well does this fit your view of the mission of the school system in which you work?

Annual survey Chart

Students don’t understand the academic skills they’ll need to achieve their college and career goals, most counselors say.  They’re too busy with administrative tasks to help students navigate the application and financial aid process.
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  1. Interesting: I wonder if they really belive in those mission statements or if they’re just saying what they’re supposed to say. (like parents saying they value education but make no effort to shut off the tv and games) My kids attended 3 different middle schools and 4 different high schools, all highly ranked, in 4 counties and 3 different states and neither they nor their friends had a guidance counselor with any interest or expertise in academic matters; their interest was all in the touchy-feely side of things. They were really, seriously uninterested, clueless and misinformed; never heard of a standardized test bringing college’s attention to potential engineering candidates (JETS), never heard of a top naval architecture program giving full tuition scholarships to all students (despite a recent grad at the school), told top students they didn’t need to take SAT IIs as juniors because they would be taking the APs next year (results after graduation), told incoming freshmen that no one took more than 2 honors courses (the top15-20% took ALL academics at honors/AP level)…you get the picture.